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For ages 12-17

A customized,comprehensive personal development plan and seamless gateway for dancers seeking their next pathway after high school in dance.

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As not only a 20 year veteran studio owner, but as a parent myself, I know first hand how overwhelming the college search process is. Once your child gets to high school, the decision of what is next is imminent and can be terrifying. You find yourself searching for answers to so many questions. How do I ensure that I have provided them with the right tools to prepare them? What are my next steps in gathering all of the information so that I am informed and educated on the options available to them? They have spent the majority of their life within the four walls of the dance studio, sacrificing family time and staying up all hours of the night trying to balance their school work so they can continue their passion and drive for DANCE and as parents we feel paralyzed. The information needed to do a compare and contrast of the college dance programs, conservatories and extended studies programs is just not easily accessible. The submission deadlines for audition videos for not only the college dance programs but also for summer intensives for high school age dancers have vastly different timelines. In addition to that, there are differing video content requirements, essays, letters of recommendations that are needed to complete the application. It is overwhelming to say the least!

As a dance educator it is of the greatest importance to me to be able to help facilitate this journey. I have implemented a program that can take the mystique out of this process and offer clarity so that you and your dancer can feel empowered to make the right choices for the right fit at the right time. What is so fulfilling for myself and the other qualified and experienced consultants in the program is that this isn’t just a program for graduating seniors, it can be a personal and dedicated mentorship that lasts throughout your dancer’s high school experience. Witnessing the dancers excel under our mentorship and having the tools to send them off to their dream program is a dance educator’s proudest moment and most rewarding gift.



If your dancer is between the ages of 12 and 17, we can guide them on their path, search out the opportunities that they can explore and help implement whatever steps are required. Just fill out this form below so that we can get to know you better and a consultant will contact you to schedule an introduction meeting.

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