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Develop your technical skills that will lead you to success on a high school or college dance team.

Comprehensive training, personal development plan and platform for middle school and high school dancers seeking their next pathway in dance.




It's never too early to plan for your dancer's future! I can't tell you how many dancers I have seen over the years that have not adequately prepared themselves for their high school dance team journey. I know what you are thinking, "how is it that my child has spent most of their life training and honing their skills and yet they are not even prepared for their high school dance team?" Well, in most cases, from the age of 8 years to 12 years, your dancer has been building upon their technical skill level and movement quality which is the expected foundation for any dancer's goals. However, dance teams are becoming increasingly competitive and will be looking for specialized skill sets in tricks, acro and turn sequencing focusing on rotation speed and difficulty. These specialized skill sets will undoubtedly increase your dancer's eligibility when it comes to being in the top percentile of dancers prepared for not only a competitive college dance team but for high school dance team as well. It may sound crazy, but being proactive now will make the process of college dance team prep less stressful and time consuming when the time comes.

As a parent of a dancer, I know first hand how overwhelming the college search process is. Once your child gets to high school, the decision of what is next is imminent and can be terrifying. They have spent the majority of their life within the four walls of a dance studio, sacrificing family time and staying up all hours of the night trying to balance their school work so they can continue their passion and drive for DANCE. And the truth of the matter is, not all high school dancers who LOVE DANCE will want to pursue a dance major in college and not all high school dancers will want to pursue a professional dance career after college. So, how do you continue to nourish that love for dance in college without sacrificing their academic goals to secure their future? And if a college dance team is the right fit, how do you know what schools to research or how do you identify the differences in the dance team programs available to your dancer? The search and application process can be confusing and arduous but finding the best college dance team fit will not only make college a rewarding experience but research shows that being a part of a team in college will also engage and inspire the student to succeed academically.

Now here’s the good news! We can offer clarity and a path to obtaining the results you desire and the right information at the right time. As trained dance professionals, former NFL dancers, college dance team dancers and high school dance coaches ourselves, we have the tools to help your dancer succeed at a collegiate level. We will guide each dancer through the collegiate dance team search, recruiting, application and audition process to identify the programs that speak to your dancer.


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