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How do I know which level is right for me?
As a guide, you can refer to our Class Lists by Level on our Schedule tab on the website which will list the amount of previous experience needed. You can also consult with an administrator about your past dance experience if any, and goals prior to coming to classes. They will recommend a starting point for you. However, it is important to note that Danceology class levels are unique and the class curriculum is structured and progresses quickly. We recommend starting with classes that require the least amount of experience. Your teacher will be able to confirm if the class is the right fit or recommend a different class, directly after the class ends. We also have private evaluations available for those that would like to be placed in a level prior to trying a class. These evaluations are $50 for a 30 minute evaluation. If interested, please email Alexa Huey ahuey@danceology.biz to schedule a private evaluation. We pride ourselves on setting our dancers up for success and that begins with getting into the right classes so that you can excel at the pace you are looking for!
What are your average class sizes?

Each class has a different capacity based on curriculum and teaching methods. Please see the front desk for more detailed class size information.

Do students and teachers wear masks?

Students and teachers are welcome to wear masks at their discretion. Masks are no longer mandated.

Do you have recitals?

YES! We have two annual recitals, one in December and one in June. The December show is Holiday themed and is a showcase of classes Beginner through level 2/3 ages 3-15 years. The June showcase features our dancers in all level and age classes and our Performance Company routines. Check our Events page on our website for Performance Dates, Information and Registration deadlines.

How does year-round tuition and classes work?

If you are paying recurring tuition (on a monthly contract) for your classes each month, your tuition remains the same and you will still
be able to attend your regular schedule of classes each week with your favorite teachers! This means that your classes and tuition do not end after the June Showcase or the start of your Summer break from school. Our “Summer-time” schedule is the same schedule as the Fall through the Spring schedule! But do expect your teachers to add fun activities and surprises for you during the Summer!

What if I take classes regularly but I am on a class pass not a monthly contract?

You can still attend your regular classes, you will just have to purchase another CLASS PASS when your classes run out!

What is the difference between monthly contract and class pass?

With a MONTHLY CONTRACT MEMBERSHIP, your credit card is charged on the 1st of every month for the classes that you register for and therefore take weekly with the same teacher at the same day and time. A CLASS PASS is paid for up-front and you can choose the number of classes you would like to have on the CLASS PASS and you can attend different classes each week as long as it is your approved age and level.

Is there a benefit to a monthly contract membership?

YES! With an auto-debit MONTHLY CONTRACT, your spot is secured in the class you want indefinitely or until you cancel your contract. And…because auto-debit monthly contracts are year-round, you NEVER have to pay another registration fee, even if you change classes, as long as you don’t cancel your contract. MONTHLY CONTRACTS give you the most bang for your buck! The more classes you register for in your contract, the more you save! As a MONTHLY CONTRACT member, you also get priority to switch to popular classes that normally fill up when it comes time to move to a different class.

Is there a benefit to a class pass?

YES! If you want to try out a few different classes appropriate for your age and level before committing to the same class weekly, CLASS PASSES give you flexibility. You can also purchase CLASS PASSES right from our website easily! You won’t have to come into the studio to sign up, you can just head straight into class! There a few important things to remember about CLASS PASSES. Classes fill up FAST! Please sign into the class online in advance to save your spot. We only reserve a certain amount of spots for CLASS PASS dancers in each class. CLASS PASSES are at premium in comparison to MONTHLY CONTRACTS. You are paying more per class for the flexibility!

If monthly contracts are year-round, how do you handle holiday closures?

Contract tuition is based on an average of 4 weeks of classes per month totaling 48 weeks of dancing. This allows for Danceology to observe 4 weeks of Holiday closures.

  • 1 week – End of November (Thanksgiving Holiday)
  • 2 weeks – End of December-Beginning of January (Winter Holidays)
  • 1 week – Beginning of July (4th of July Holiday)

Danceology is also closed for Labor Day, Memorial Day and Halloween afternoon classes. Make-up classes will be available if your monthly contract classes happen to fall on those days.

I am on a monthly contract. How do I change my classes?

Changing classes is easy! Just fill out an ADD/DROP form located on our Website with the policies and forms on the FAQ’s page. On this form you can indicate if you want to add a class, remove a class or cancel your classes altogether. If the number of classes you take per week is staying the same, there is no need to adjust your contract tuition. If the number of classes you take per week is changing, the front desk will send you a confirmation email within 48 hours with the contract tuition changes. Once the form is filled out, you can show up to your new classes immediately. Be sure to consult with a teacher or front desk administrator before changing classes to make sure it is the right fit!

Important Note: A completed ADD/DROP filled out form is necessary to make any changes to your account.

What should I do if I am traveling this summer but I am on a monthly contract?

No problem! Your contract tuition will remain but you can substitute or make-up your missed classes when you return for any other classes on our schedule in your same age and level. We keep great record of attendance, so as long as you are not exceeding the number of classes per month that you are paying for, you can pick and choose make-up classes that fit your schedule. Summer-time is also the best time to try new classes! If you need assistance choosing your substitution or make-up classes, please contact the front desk!

If I am traveling in the summer, should I just cancel my monthly contract and resume in the fall?

There is always the option to cancel your contract tuition! Keep in mind, you will have to fill out the ADD/DROP FORM, pay a re registration fee to resume a MONTHLY CONTRACT MEMBERSHIP and you will not be guaranteed a spot upon returning to your favorite classes if the class is already full.

How do I cancel my monthly contract membership?

You can cancel your enrollment and monthly auto-debit anytime with no penalty. Just fill out the ADD/DROP FORM located on our website. Fill the form out prior to the end of the month and your automatic tuition and class enrollment will be discontinued on your next billing cycle.

I'm in Danceology Performance Company, do the monthly contract membership policies apply to me?

YES! Your monthly contract tuition and technique class schedule is year-round! If you decide to not return as a Performance Company member for the following competition season, you will still need to fill out an ADD/DROP form if your technique classes change or if you would like to cancel your enrollment or monthly contract altogether. IF AN ADD/DROP form is not filled out, we will assume you will attend weekly classes regularly as you always have been. Competition Season ending, does not automatically drop you from your monthly auto-debit or class enrollment.

Note for Performance Company Members: MONTHLY CONTRACTS are for tuition for technique classes only, not competition rehearsals. The Performance Company commitment is from the August Performance Company Audition Day to the following August Performance Company Audition Day. All Company members are required to continue their auto-pay monthly contract for a full year, August to August.



  • No long-term contract. Cancel anytime.
  • Never pay a registration fee again!
  • Keep your schedule intact by not having to rearrange your schedule to fit your new class days and times with the seasons.
  • Change classes at any time with ease.
  • Keep student to teacher bonds and continuity in training!
Do you have any workshops, master classes, or intensives?


Yes, we have two annual intermediate to advanced level intensives that happen on the same weekends every year. Masters in Technique Intensive in June and Masters in Movement Intensive in August. Check our Events page on our website for Intensive Dates, Information and Registration deadlines.



We have a few specialty workshops that we host throughout the year for all ages and levels. Check our Events page on our website for Intensive Dates, Information and Registration deadlines.


Master Classes:

We have master classes that are scheduled sporadically all season long. Check our class schedule for more details.

Do you have summer camps?

YES! We have a variety of Summer Camps for youth ages 3-18 years from June – August. Registration for Summer Camp begins in March.

Do you have a competition team?

YES! Our Performance Company is the current reigning champions of the coveted award of STUDIO OF THE YEAR 2022. We compete both locally and throughout Southern California and Las Vegas. Auditions are in mid August every year with a Company packet of information that is released prior to that date around April. DPC dancers range in ages from 3 years old – 18 years old. We have a place in the Company for all skill level dancers from beginner through advanced.

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