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I hope to be able to bring out the best qualities in my students through a strong basic foundation, while incorporating current ideas and techniques into my classes. I love to incorporate partnering to make new friends and team bonds! My classes are very "convention style" and prepare the tap dancer for a recreational, competitive or professional approach. It’s high energy with fun jams! Not only will you gain a greater knowledge of tap dancing, you will have fun doing it too!

“Be True…Be You!”

Instructor Biography

True to the rhythm, eager to be on time, and dedicated to the dancers that came before her, Megan has a unique blend of styles that makes her a standout in the tap dance community. Megan has had the opportunity to take the stage with some of the world’s most renowned tap dancers such as Gregg Russell, Jason Janas, Sarah Reich, Michela Marino Lerman, Chance Taylor, Jason Kalish, and more. She was a member of Gregg Russell’s Tap Sounds Underground Company based out of Los Angeles, Ca and has performed with Sarah Reichs “Tap Music Project”. She has taught and judged for dance conventions such as Dancerpalooza, Jump, 24 Seven, Nuvo, Hollywood Vibe and was the tap instructor on the Immerse Artists Experience (IAX) 2021 Tour. Some of her work has been featured on NBC’s World of Dance Season 2 with the tap dancing trio “Second to None” and So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation”. Megan was selected to compete in the Capezio Ace Awards 2020 with some of today’s hottest choreographers in the industry in Hollywood, CA. She is the director of Moore Rhythm & Co., a non-competitive youth tap dance company based out of San Diego, Ca that houses tap dancers from CA, TX, AZ & UT. Megan enjoys working with the DPAC tap dancers and has been directing the DPAC tap program since 2008. Her ability to bring out personal style and unique qualities in her students helps them to achieve their goals not only as tap dancers/artists but as people as well. She can’t wait to continue to work with the program and watch the students blossom!



Instructors Favorite Things

What is the best concert you have been to?

My favorite concert was Snoop Dogg.

What is the one thing you always have in your fridge?

Celery Juice.

What is your most favorite place you have traveled?

New York.

What 3 items would you take to a deserted island?

My tap shoes, sunscreen and espresso.