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As a dance educator, my intention is not only to help nurture great dancers but great humans. Giving a space for our students to experiment and find themselves in the loud world we live in is my ultimate goal. The determination, emotional vulnerability, respect and appreciation of others that is necessary in a dance classroom are characteristics that stay with you for life and I work to impart those on my students. Dance is truly the perfect crossroad of artistry and athleticism. I hope that my dance instruction challenges my students intellectually, introspectively, and physically so they can face whatever life presents them with.

“When we risk comfort we open up the doorway to invite really good things into our lives.”

Instructor Biography

Morgan Kamins grew up in the Chicagoland area and began dancing at the age of 3. She trained in all styles of dance and had the opportunity to work with many well-respected choreographers and instructors across the country. Morgan is a former award-winning competition dancer. After spending her childhood attending events such as The Dance Awards, LADM, WCDE, Hall of Fame, etc; she went on to be a 4 year member and captain of the Ohio State University Dance Team. In 2018, she helped lead them to Ohio State’s first National Championships in school history at UDA College Nationals. After graduating, Morgan stayed involved in dance, teaching at multiple studios in Columbus, OH and traveling to consult for dance teams throughout the country. She moved to San Diego in 2020 and now enjoys teaching all styles and ages here at Danceology in addition to providing consulting services for dancer’s looking to continue their dance experience in college. Morgan is a current board member of the Ohio State University Dance Team alumni society.



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