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Dance educators are dance artists not research artists. The process and responsibility of the college dance search ultimately falls onto the parents and dancers themselves.

Why I created the empower ME Movement Network...

With over two decades of experience as a dance educator and studio owner, it brings me immense joy to support my dancers through their dance journey from childhood, through high school, and into college and beyond. However, in my years of mentoring students, I've consistently faced the challenge of easily being able to find all of the options available for them that align with their strengths, desires and needs. I am also a parent myself who understands the challenges of the college search process.

Once your dancer reaches high school, time seems to accelerate, and the looming decision about what comes next becomes overwhelming. The preparation for this transition demands considerable time and effort, involving the extensive exploration and understanding of various options. Balancing my roles as a busy mom and business owner, I have found it challenging to dedicate the necessary energy to conduct thorough research.

Until now.

Our Mission

Our mission at empower Me Movement is to empower dancers to take control of their journey so they can make informed decisions that align with their unique blend of academic and dance aspirations, fostering a path toward a fulfilling and successful experience.

Make the most of your journey and experience the incredible benefits!

Now here’s the good news!

The Empower ME Movement Community Platform aims to demystify the process, providing dancers and their families with the clarity they need to feel EMPOWERED. This enables them to follow a path towards obtaining the desired RESULTS with the RIGHT INFORMATION at the RIGHT TIME.

Showcase Your Talents

All of your personal dance content is effortlessly searchable and easily seen without the unnecessary distractions of a typical social media feed. Gain instant confidence with direct exposure and quality networking opportunities.

Connect With Leaders

Program or Team Leaders from institutions across the country can easily choose to follow or start a conversation with you to initiate interest. You will also receive notifications when they interact with any of your activity.

Find Schools

Explore over 250 school, program and team profile pages with all of the significant and relevant details, achievements and resources for you in one place! Eliminate unnecessary travel by narrowing your college list with empower Me Movement Network at an affordable cost!

Schedule Events

Navigate upcoming program events included in our global calendar with registration details and the added feature to sync to any personal calendar with ease!

Build Community

Meet new people, engage in meaningful conversations and collaborate with other dancers in an exclusive and private space dedicated just for you.

Gain Mentorship

Connect with our EM experienced consultants! Ask a question in the activity feed, send a direct message or schedule a one-on-one strategy session!

Find your college dance dream with over 250 college program and team profiles live on the platform!

Your journey, your rules. Instant confidence, control and community support. Together, let’s design your future in dance!


"I absolutely love being a part of empower ME Movement"

empower ME has helped guide me to the type of college dance team I want to be part of and what schools may be a good match for me. This can be very overwhelming and the support and guidance from empower ME has been invaluable.
- Natalie Miragliotta

Make the most of your journey and experience the incredible benefits!