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Inspire & Connect With The Next Generation

Connect with a network of dancers looking to continue their passion beyond high school in a community driven environment. View dancers’ profiles and discover the information relevant for you such as graduation year, GPA, training details, performance links and all of their recent posts and activity!

Streamline Your Recruitment & Networking Process

empower ME Movement Network offers a distinct advantage by providing program leaders with a clutter-free environment for reviewing dance content. A dedicated space where the dancer takes center stage, unburdened by the distractions often found in traditional social media platforms. Easily choose to follow or start a conversation with a dancer to initiate your interest, receive notifications when they have any new activity and save significant posts to stay organized! This streamlined experience allows program leaders to efficiently navigate through dancers' posts, engage in discussions, and make informed decisions ensuring attention is solely focused on the talent and artistry of the dancers.

Showcase Your Program

Create the visibility and recognition your program deserves. Through empower ME Movement, your school and program information page is conveniently curated to spotlight your achievements, attract top talent, and be part of a global platform dedicated to excellence.

Promote Your Events

It is easy and convenient to promote your events with our global calendar! Your events can be added seamlessly with all of the registration details and the added feature to sync to any personal calendar with ease! Plus, take any event LIVE, with our livestream and webinar integration, direct from the platform and straight to your targeted audience!

Build Your Community

Connect with fellow leaders from across the globe. Share experiences, exchange ideas, discuss challenges, learn from each other, and build meaningful connections that transcend boundaries in an exclusive and private space dedicated just for Leaders like you.

Create Affordable Exposure

empower ME Movement provides an affordable alternative for dancers to gain exposure, who might not have the means to attend in-person events. By utilizing the platform, you can extend opportunities to dancers who might face financial constraints in pursuing traditional pathways. This inclusivity ensures that talent, passion, and dedication become the transparent and primary criteria for consideration, irrespective of financial circumstances.

Emphasize Inclusivity & Equity

Demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and equity by actively engaging with a global talent pool of dancers from various regions without the constraints of geographical proximity. Build a program that reflects a rich tapestry of backgrounds, cultures, styles and perspectives supporting equitable futures in a vibrant and inclusive dance community.

Discover Hidden Gems

Uncover hidden gems and emerging talents that may not have had the chance to shine on traditional platforms. By exploring the diverse community within empower ME Movement Network, leaders can find exceptional dancers who might otherwise go unnoticed.

Influence Change

Be part of a collective effort to shape the future of dance education. Your input and perspective can contribute to initiatives that benefit both dance professionals and dancers.

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