empower ME Movement

Where dance takes the spotlight! Uniting Globally, Igniting Futures, and Paving the Way for our Next Generation!


The empower ME Movement Network aspires to be the premier information gateway and leading hub for dancers worldwide, making a significant impact on their future. It serves as a centralized platform fostering dance awareness, uniting the community in an unprecedented manner. This is a space where dancers can access comprehensive information, extending their passion beyond high school, while professionals can forge connections, acting as a bridge to future education and employment opportunities.

EM strives to transcend geographical boundaries, creating a global and supportive community. It establishes a secure communication highway, nurturing growth and knowledge. This inclusive environment acts as a sanctuary for dance enthusiasts to showcase talents, contributing meaningfully to the collective advancement of the dance world.


The empower ME Movement Network is more than just a platform; it's a collaborative community where every voice holds significance. Here, questions and information know no boundaries. We believe in cultivating an environment where everyone, from seasoned professionals to those taking their first dance steps, finds their voice. No question is too small, and no piece of information is out of reach. Join us, and let your voice resonate in a community fueled by a shared passion for dance.

It takes each one of us to turn this vision into reality. Be part of the movement, contribute your passion, and let's elevate dance awareness together!

Now here’s the good news!

The empower ME Movement Community Platform will take the mystique out of the process and offer dancers and their families clarity to feel EMPOWERED to follow a path to obtaining the RESULTS desired with the RIGHT INFORMATION at the RIGHT TIME.


Students in grades 7 through 12 with a desire to continue pursuing their love for dance beyond the high school level.


Dance Artists and Professionals aiming to establish connections, discover, and exchange opportunities within the community.


Dance Educators, High School Dance Coaches, and Dance Studio Owners looking to mentor dancers throughout their dance journey and engage in collaborative efforts within a nurturing environment.

Coaches & Program Leaders

Dance coaches at the Collegiate level, University Dance Professors, and Leaders who aim to expand and promote their programs while establishing direct and professional connections with potential candidates or recruits.


Providers of dance-related products or services looking to offer valuable information and resources to our dance community.

Join the Empower ME Movement Network now and step into a world where your dance journey transcends boundaries. Discover a global community, amplify your voice, and contribute to the collective growth of the dance world. Your passion matters—be a part of something extraordinary.

We know first-hand how overwhelming the college search process is. The information needed to do a compare and contrast of the college dance teams, dance programs, conservatories and extended studies programs is just not easily accessible or organized. The video submission deadlines for not only college dance program or team recruitment and acceptance but also for summer intensives and clinics for high school age dancers have vastly different timelines.