empower ME Movement


Masters & Mentors

The empower ME Movement Network is dedicated to providing young dancers with relevant information, valuable skills, and comprehensive resources related to Collegiate Dance Programs and Professional opportunities. These tools can be incredibly beneficial for those looking to pursue dance avenues after high school.

We are extending invitations to professional dance artists and educators to join our empower ME Movement community as Masters or as Mentors. Masters and Mentors are those who seek to establish connections, explore opportunities, and engage with our community. They will have the opportunity to interact and provide mentorship to dancers, promote their unique brand and services, and share any dance-related content that can benefit platform users.

Many avenues are available through which you can participate in our empower ME Movement Network Community!

Gain Visibility For Your Program Or Personal Brand

Connect With Aspiring Dancers

Achieve Personal Growth

Through the empower ME Movement Network Platform, our goal is to offer support to educators and professionals, like yourself, with the aim of collectively enhancing the growth and promoting awareness of all potential dance opportunities for the next generation of dancers.

It takes each one of us to turn this vision into reality. Be part of the movement, contribute your passion, and let’s elevate dance awareness together!